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Chicken Salade and Baguette Slices

Our signature chicken salade topped with fresh diced tomatoes & chopped parsley served with a fresh sliced baguettes.

Serves 10
Balsamic Bruschetta and Garlic Crostini

Toasted baguette slices served with the new Balsamic Bruschetta, made from fresh diced tomatoes, pesto sauce, diced onions, chopped garlic and balsamic dressing. 

Serves 10
Parmesan Sour Cream Dip and Pesto Cheese Straws

A parmesan and sour cream dip served with Pesto Cheese Straws and new Sundried Tomato Pesto Cheese Straws.

Serves 10
Savory Croissant Squares
Individual Packaging

A combination of: Ham & Swiss, Sundried tomato & Spinach, and Goat Cheese & Bacon Croissant squares. 

Serves 10


Full Pan serves 20, Half pan serves 10

Soupe for the Group

You choice of one of our homemade soupes.

Serves 10
Caesar Salade

Romaine, house-made croutons, Parmesan & Fat Free or Original Caesar Dressing.

$35.00 - $95.00
Seasonal Spinach Salade

It's back! Spinach salade topped with strawberries, bacon, feta, and pecans. Tossed in a French vinaigrette!

$35.00 - $95.00
Kettle Brand Potato Chips
Individual Bag
Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes
$17.00 - $30.00
Green Beans Almondine

French green beans sautéed in butter with toasted almonds and seasonings.

$17.00 - $30.00

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